Post-Graduate Workshops for Health Practitioners and Medical Professionals

The Development of Naturopathy; origins in Greece; recent history; conflict with orthodoxy; convergence – ‘Psycho-Neuro- Endocrinology’.

The Principles of Naturopathy; health determined by nutrition; one health, one disease; symptoms are ‘friendly’; the illness is the cure; the cure is rest.

How Naturopathy Works; consultation; treatment - digestive, respiratory and endocrine system; skeletal system; muscular system; circulatory system; neurological system; eliminative system;

Naturopathic Care; for women; men; older adults; children; naturopathic First Aid

CHF 200

Special Studies
University Assigned Study Units for Medical School

Special Study Units are a student-selected part of the medical curriculum, giving young doctors the opportunity to practise research skills. They are designed to encourage self-directed learning, critical thinking, scientific and analytic expertise.

Communication at Consultation: Words, Gestures & Symptoms . The patient goes ‘to see the doctor’ and the doctor ‘sees’ patients: what really happens? Experience how taking an accurate case history involves appreciating the subtleties of the clinical encounter.

Working With Fear, Vulnerability and Pain – Surviving Clinical Practice Through Meditation. Clinicians are often encouraged to be ‘caring’ but research has suggested that empathy can increase work stress. However, a doctor who ‘hardens’ his/her heart adopts an attitude cardiologists might warn against. Meditation offers a middle way.

Researching Research – Where is the Wisdom? After a history that began with heroic guesswork, Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is now the medical vogue. It's clinical measurement is the Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF). But what became of ‘Tender Loving Care/Bedside Manner’(TLC)? Explore whether medical practice is a science, an art or a craft.

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