Clinician, lecturer and facilitator Stewart Mitchell apprenticed at the prestigious Kingston Nature Cure Clinic in Edinburgh and was co-founder of Scotland’s first Yoga Centre in 1970. As director of the School of Complementary Health in Exeter he was at the forefront of UK’s integrated medicine evolution. A University Assigned Specialist and student selector at Medical School, he is also Moderator for Posture and Movement at the Cygnet Theatre Company.

An accomplished researcher, broadcaster and keynote speaker, his publications include the standard textbook Naturopathy, and its companion The Healing Power of Touch, which has been translated into six languages.

The principles of Naturopathy can be traced back to the Greek era and are akin to the traditional practice of Yoga in India, and Acupuncture in China. It is not an alternative medical system but a philosophy that promotes a harmonious view of life, and a purpose in health and disorder, balanced by a perspective on the human’s place in the universal order.

Therapeutically it draws on universal observations of human behavior yet rejoices in individual idiosyncracy, and is truly original as a therapy: its guiding principles for a healthy life are identical to its treatment of ill health, the only difference being in emphasis.

Naturopathy does not guarantee health but invites us to discover how the forces of nature find equilibrium in our body, producing the vitality, creativity and regeneration that we recognize as well being. Its methods are based on acknowledged biological laws, but there is also provision for the unknown, indefinable elements that contribute to the spirit of healing. Combining practical guidance on lifestyle with the development of intuitive responses, naturopathy takes us on a life journey that can be as exciting as it is enlightening.

The Naturopathic Gym programme is intended for individuals, groups and organisations.

Stewart Mitchell
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