The Janus Years
Life in Transition

Usually co-inciding with our fourth or fifth decade, and often confused with ‘mid-life crisis’, the Janus Years of our life are actually a time of opportunity for regeneration of body and soul. Yet the process may start uncomfortably with a sense of confusion – “ If am successful, why is all not well?”. Or what seems like a minor illness is difficult to shake off, perhaps even a sense of something within ‘breaking down’. But while symptoms might be technically medical, their source is not.

If this sounds familiar, it is more likely that you are being spiritually interrupted - by the original impulse that sets us on our path in life, which is not only to succeed but also to be fulfilled.

Looking to the Roman God Janus we find that his role was to preside over transition and progress. His head has two faces, one towards the past and the other the future, which is the clue to our navigation of the Janus Years.

In this Residential Course we use the experience and wisdom gained to look back, honour and appreciate what has brought you to this point, to understand where you are in life now, and vision a future that is more in line with the person you might become.

Having acknowledged the catalystic interruption of Janus, you can be confident that you have in reserve the physical, mental and emotional resources to proceed. The Course will offer skills in imagery and visualization, health management, and professional development.

Course facilitated with colleagues:

Dr Zohar Glouberman
Psychologist and founder of the Skyros Centres

James Macsay M.A.
International Communications Specialist. James is fluent in English, German and Spanish

Part One – 2 day Residential;
Part Two – 90 minute Consultation with either of the facilitators, in person or via Skype;
Part Three is a Follow-Up day.

The course continues with participant-only groups, by arrangement. Brochure on request.

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