Health Retreat

Although reducing stress in modern life might be desirable, Naturopathy suggests that in an over-civilised world, a key element in health is adequate stimulation. This is reflected in a variety of ways - not only in the type of food we eat but in how we use our food - from contact with nature and interface with the elements - from agreeable company and vitally, in re-defining our true potential. In the language of the environmentalist we are in need of re-wilding” !

This residential programme celebrates the contribution of Edinburgh’s internationally renowned Kingston Naturopathic Clinic, a residential centre that operated from 1938-86. Well ahead of its time, the Clinic pioneered:

Comfortable accommodation in a tranquil setting

Biodynamic meals

Graded Walks

Daily Treatment

Moving-Being Gym classes

Cultural programme and Visit to places of interest

Questions, Discussion & Reflection

3-7 Days
CHF 700/1500 inclusive
Full details on request

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