Naturopathy stresses the importance of movement, posture and poise. The human body is a true marvel, having the potential to equal, and on many levels excel, the kinetic capabilities of all other creatures. This is almost entirely due to our unique uprightness.

Evolution has ensured that by simply enjoying the use of our bodies as they are designed, we retain our exclusivity and derive much satisfaction from life. Conversely, our flexibility, strength, coordination and ultimately prized poise, are forfeited if we do not use them.

The freely moving body also contributes to systemic health since external movement causes inner massage-like effects which help maintain the organs of the body by establishing circulation. Movement also dissipates excessive nervous tension, which restores balance to the neurological workings of the body.

Naturopaths deploy massage and manipulation in treatments to reinforce the crucial influence of movement.

Moving Being
An active and informative Movement Class

We might take time to explore an aspect of our vital functioning, such as breathing or nutrition, with movements that especially complement this. We can then be confident that our muscles and nerves perform other roles efficiently, not least in absorbing the impact of our physical and emotional experiences– literally helping us ‘bounce back to life’.

90 minutes
CHF 35

Naturopathic Gym Day
An in-depth opportunity to explore and extend the experience of Consultation and Classes to include:

Food Falacies – “You are what you eat”, perhaps; the importance of not eating for health.

Our Flexible Spine – Posture, attitude and the interdependence of muscle and emotion; the role of Massage and Hydrotherapy.

Being Successfully Unwell – Learning the language of our organs – friendly symptoms; psycho-somatic stress.

Moving Being Class to start and end the day

CHF 150

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