Consultation is a joint deliberation where you are given ample opportunity to present problems or troubling symptoms. For my part, I will seek not only to understand but also to communicate my understanding..

While not always necessary, taking history can be helpfully enlightening but I appreciate its potential intrusion. Therefore my questioning will be informal, in conversational style, to help reveal the background features of your symptoms. Importance will be especially placed on aspects of associated distress that you feel has been ignored or trivialized in other experience of consultation.

My attention is given equally to personal and medical history. This is because symptoms of disorder often take time to develop the momentum needed to reach consciousness. Other symptoms may be connected to traumatic incidents of the past that have been psychically buried by efforts to re-assemble daily life.

When you are at ease in consultation, an assessment of your general health can be made. This might involve measurement of circulation, breathing, spinal and joint flexibility, reflexes, and relaxation response. Accordingly, this will allow me to offer some supportive treatment at our first meeting.

60 minutes
CHF 130

Truly therapeutic treatment is safe, reliable and pleasant, accentuating the ‘treat’ of treatment. My strategy aims primarily to create a restful atmosphere in the body, while gently stimulating re-integration of disorder. I work methodically, with provision for the indefinable elements that contribute to the spirit of healing.

As well addressing your specific problems I will always consider the condition of your spine and neck. Commonly regarded as the ‘back’, our column of vertebrae is actually at the centre of body and is easily disturbed by the conditions imposed by modern life. For acute discomfort I provide massage with manouvers more akin to the principles of the Alexander Technique rather than classical osteopathic type manipulation.

Almost inevitably, we shall discuss your diet and make necessary adjustments, given the pressures that surround the matter and manner of modern eating. This pertains not only to your choice of foods, but in how you are using what you eat. Your attitude towards the culture of food and eating may also be relevant.

Relaxed breathing too is important, both for fresh air to the bloodstream and for our nerves. Do you breathe ‘up’ or ‘down’? Do you consciously direct ‘prana’? I will remind you of the significance of the diaphragm and of the 12 pairs of ribs that should be moving freely.

Our conversation may also extend to consider the inevitability of our common but usually self-limiting disorders, the intuitive nature of symptoms and pain, and the psycho-social factors which can complicate our well-being.

Crucially, in the joining of our spirits we will work towards establishing a confident composure, dispelling pessimism or fearfulness in a ‘remedial light’.

You will be invited for Follow Up appointments as required.

30 minutes
CHF 70

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