Healing Power of Nature

Healing Power of Nature
(Random House)

Naturopathy is strictly scientific, seeing every manifestation of disorder as the result of an understandable cause. It has a mystical aspect but not in the direct application of treatment. Rather, it reveals itself in respect for the way treatment is complimented by the unknowable, immeasureable healing force within all life.

Healing Power of Touch

Healing Power of Touch
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Massage (Harper Collins)

Massage is a very sensitive and sensitizing form of human contact. Its medium is touch, a sense to which we humans are especially responsive. This sensitivity is developed and refined during our infancy from the awareness of being held and caressed. When as adults we receive given massage, the reassuring familiarity of human contact invokes the security of touch we experienced as a child.


Learning About Health From Babies

Who hasn’t have heard about legendary super-healthy communities – people full of life, smiling and contented, enjoying an elixir diet, with unbridled energy? Reputed to live in places of exotic charm, high in the Himalayas perhaps or deep within South America, they are always a long way from where we live.

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Practice Perspectives

Although traditional naturopathy stands apart in the field of therapies, there are interesting parallels between naturopathy and psychoanalytic technique. Both practitioners are investigators, curious as to causes that impede the natural flow of vital energy.

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Raising a Healthy Child

Childhood is an experimental, flexible and robust transition, more robust than as adults we are liable to recall. In contrast with the conventional attitude of ‘protecting’ childhood medically, Naturopathy promotes a child’s exposure to life while ensuring that health and confidence is built up from within.

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The Meaning of Our Health and the Health of Our Meaning

While general health might be reflected in our active life, ill health may often reveal depletion of our spirit; when confronting pain or distress, we are required to draw from deep reserves of courage and conviction. Therefore naturopathy is sympathetic to the view that health may not only involve the need to be well, but also the necessity of being successfully ill.

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A History of Naturopathy

Naturopathy relates to an impulse within us as old as humankind, a fusion of instinct and intuition, native mechanisms that are responsible for our development and wellbeing. Original methods of healthcare, such as are still found in India and China, acknowledged this synthesis but in the West, for political as much as theoretical reasons, there was a gradual shift towards an exclusively physiological attitude.

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Minimalism in an Overabundant Society

Ozone Layer! Global Warming! Climate Change! Carbon Footprint! The End is Nigh! - sounds familiar? For those of us involved in naturopathy, the current preoccupation with the catastrophic repercussions of climate change has a familiar ring to it. And if we search as far back as possible into recorded culture, there has never been doubt about human responsibilities towards nature and the consequences of our neglect.

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Moving Being

Unlike most other creatures, our
musculo-skeletal system is relatively dormant for some time after birth. But when our muscles are able to hold our bones upright and the spine assumes a central position, we can articulate - our real life can be said to begin: we have become independent. From then onwards our posture, and the stresses and strains it experiences, offers useful clues about what we are making of life.

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Pulling Health Out of The Body

Health can be realized not so much
from chasing after exotic treatments or elixirs, as from accessing what we have within ourselves. Given very basic requirements, the human system is very self-sufficient. Naturopaths recognized generations ago that in our over-civilized world, what we simply require is stimulation.

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The Elements of
Traditional Naturopathy

With the constant pressure and distractions of existence, it is perhaps easy to forget that daily routines are almost unconscious. It is important, therefore, to realize that much of what our life has been founded upon has been deliberately chosen. By reminding us of our basic self-direction, naturopathy offers guidance and influence at a fundamental level.

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